How Technology Helps in Fighting Covid-19

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report of 22 April, about 2545056 people were infected, and 175064 died from the new coronavirus. The clocks were moved to put an end to this madness. The new Think Big Analytics data shows that marketing and user experience studies are among those that have been conducted via big data analysis. However, it now looks like computer scientists are applying this technique toward the fight on coronavirus. The AI in healthcare became a firewall against this pandemic.

AI Supported Analysis System

Infervision, an alternative intelligence company that helps healthcare workers monitor the virus along with detection of it. It is increasing the CT identification rate. Alibaba, one of the companies, has built on detecting the virus within seconds.

Use of Fever Sensors

Thermal imaging cameras based on multisensory technology are used in public places like hospitals, airports, etc. This technology detects when a person wears a face mask and a fever. It also records faces as well as tracking people’s movements.

Infection Monitoring

A watchful eye can give warnings. AI is used to identify, track, and predict outbreaks. At the end of December 2019, the launch called this outbreak BlueDot. It gives the sign to frontliners so that people will be quarantined quickly.

Deployment of Robots

Using its robots, Pudu Technology is currently helping the healthcare market. The robots will be used to clean and deliver medicine and food, and this reduces contact and keeps healthcare workers on board. The number of requests for problems has increased. Health care assistants have started to help health workers. Chatbots answer questions, give advice, and make suggestions. They also advise people to visit a doctor in case of isolation.

Drug Development

There is no cure yet. On the other hand, DeepMind, an artificial intelligence company Google uses artificial intelligence algorithms to obtain construction modules of proteins even if the results are not confirmed.

AI in health care has helped to control the pandemic. The world is fighting this disease, but with health care workers’ experiments and AI technology, we can do it.