How Instagram Revolutionizes Photography

As advanced technology has arrived in the era of camera features in a smartphone, everyone has tried to act as a photographer. It cannot be wrong since they can capture the best moments in their life at ease. There is even a saying that a good photographer can obtain a good photograph the way they want, using whatever kind of camera. However, not many photographers are excited about this idea. Most of them believe that camera phones undermine a photographer’s creativity as all you need is pushing a button to take a photograph you want. Some even think that the camera phone is unruly technology, including the invention of the Instagram application.  

Instagram has become a success and gained people’s attention since its release in 2010. It is a great app that lets people take pictures with special and various filter features to make it more attractive. There is no denying that this application has led to a growth in photography, regardless of those against it. It exposes photography in a broader context and gets a bigger audience. Some photographers are even willing to share their techniques and tips so that people can learn about it. Let’s take a step back to look at how Instagram successfully revolutionize photography in today’s era.

instagram photo feeds

Social Media Integration

There is no doubt about the top-notch success and popularity of Instagram, attracting other social media platforms to integrate each other. This feature allows the user to share it with their Instagram followers while reaching their Facebook friends or Twitter followers in broader circumstances. In a few moments, hundreds or even thousands of people can see your picture. This way, a photographer have their channel to gain more exposure and acknowledgment through their artwork Instagram account.

Convenient Photo Editing 

Instagram does not only let you capture an image, but also give a channel to edit it. You do not need to use other applications because the filters are inside Instagram. Photographers may not like it, but Instagram consumers like these simple features. They can convert the image they take to black and white only with one touch of a button and vice versa, allowing them to create a photograph they want people to see it. Some professional photographer might believe that this hinders a person’s creativity and prefer not using filters. Some others think that the filters also a creative process to make the best shots. Either way, Instagram still becomes a favorite to produce and share the photography artwork.

Handy Camera Alternative

capture a photo via InstagramMany people are aware that traditional cameras and DSLRs are heavy. Meanwhile, camera phones used to take photos are lightweight and portable, with no long lenses and dials to carry around. Many photojournalists even find that their iPhone camera combined with Instagram feature works much better than their SLRs, especially when sudden events occur. With its small and modest form, you can even save your camera in the pocket.

All in One Package

Together with Instagram, photography has become easier. Using one application, you can take a shoot, edit the photograph, and then share them in a few moments. It does not need an expensive camera, lighting, or other tools to produce one great picture. More importantly, Instagram certainly delivers the most effective way to promote the photographer’s artwork with many people as much as possible. Professional photographers can choose to accept or decline it, but the fact has shown that Instagram will continue to revolutionize the photography world.