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What is the best motorcycle headset in today’s marketplace?


Wired or wireless?

An understandable argument continues to be made about wireless versus a wired motorcycle helmet headset. While wired sound should always be clearer and more reliable, who wants to get tangled up in wires? I ride my motorbike to be free.

Below we will discuss five characteristics of wireless headsets to consider before making your next bluetooth headset purchase.

Noise cancellation/Sound quality

I need clarity and fidelity. I don’t want to hear a buzzing noise or static. Noise cancellation to kill feedback and background noise is critical. This is a no brainer characteristic to consider but please read reviews before making a decision because an entire purchase can be wasted on poor sound quality.


Battery life

A fair battery should last at least 4 hours. A better battery should last 7-8 hours. The best batteries last 10 or more hours. Battery life is always a critical function but selecting a battery of more than 10 hours when the overall value is considered really shouldn’t play too much into your decision; especially if the price is an issue.


In this category, a common range for a wireless headset should reach a distance of at least 100 meters. A good wireless range for a headset should be that of 400 meters. Many bluetooth headsets offer ranges of greater than 400 meters.

Many headsets in the marketplace today have ranges of 1000 meters or more. To be sure, the longer the range, the better. Choosing a headset with a shorter range over one with a longer range is inadvisable.


Comfort too seems like a given, but no two headsets are alike. Be sure to read consumer reviews on headsets before purchasing a headset. Not only should the headset be comfortable but the ease of function should be considered as well as the size of the controls. Remember that when riding a motorcycle, the rider should always be wearing gloves. When you wear gloves, of course, handling small knobs and buttons simply doesn’t work.


hdhdhd74A quality bluetooth headset should also have an intercom feature and be able to offer a closed channel feature to keep conversations among those in your group private if need be.

If all of these features are important to you as well as the reviews of motorcycle enthusiasts like you, then choose only the best motorcycle headset.